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Customised Stoma Products

Making Bags

At Brunlea we offer a free and precise cutting service dedicated to ensuring your flanges and pouches fit perfectly for you and your stoma. Upon first registering with us, we will ask for your latest template size which can either be provided by yourself or your Stoma Nurse. Once we receive this we can customise your orders to exactly how you need them.

We have a dedicated cutting team who customise your pouches either by hand or on one of our specialised cutting machines. Our computerised cutting machines ensure that the cut on your flanges and pouches are the most accurate fitting your stoma perfectly.

No matter what your stoma size or shape, you can be confident that our team can customise your order to ensure they are cut to your personal requirements. For more information or changes to your template size please contact our team on 0800 834712 who are willing to help and will provide you with some more details on how we customise your orders should you need it.

Complimentary Items & Free Sample Service


Our warehouse holds a comprehensive range of stoma and continence appliances readily available for all orders whatever your ostomy needs. Along with each order, we supply a selection of wipes and scented disposable bags in both blue and black free of charge. The supply of complimentary RADAR keys and toiletry bags are also available, speak to one of our members of staff for more details.

We also offer to supply you with free stoma and continence samples for you to try to ensure you find what is best for you. We are able to supply you with all ranges of samples as we are not attached to any particular manufacturer, allowing you to try different products to suit your individual requirements. All you need to do is ring our freephone number 0800 834712 where one of our staff members will help arrange for these samples to be delivered directly to you.

In the event of any unwanted appliances, our delivery team can arrange with you to pick up these supplies so we can dispose of them safely. All you have to do is ring our freephone number and our staff will help arrange this for you.

Free & Discreet Delivery Service

Here at Brunlea we recognise the importance a free and discreet delivery service is for you when receiving your stoma and continence supplies. To ensure we uphold these values our delivery team are assigned to unmarked vans which deliver your supplies free of charge directly to your door. The drivers are also smartly dressed so you can be assured of the quality and consistency of our staff that deliver your products. Your supplies will also be packaged in unbranded plastic bags or boxes so that we uphold a standard of discretion.

We also assign drivers to certain areas to ensure that the same delivery driver drops off your supplies whenever you require them. We believe this creates a strong relationship between yourself and your assigned driver to give you peace of mind that your supplies will be delivered to accommodate any needs you may have. Additionally, if you live outside the North West of England, we can deliver your supplies through a carrier with a tracked delivery service to ensure wherever you are in the country you have the security that your stoma supplies will be delivered free of charge.

We aim to provide a fast but reliable service to all of our customers with free delivery available Monday to Friday directly to your door. Alternatively, if you require, we can deliver your supplies to a relatives address, place of work or care home to ensure we meet your needs. Your order will be processed, customised, packaged and delivered within 5 workings days of the order being placed. Should your order come through a Bladder and Bowel Service or an Appliance Prescription Service, we aim to fulfil orders and deliver your supplies within 48 hours.

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